Rowan Avenue Elementary School

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600 S. Rowan Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90023

323-261-7191 Phone

323-261-0610 Fax

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Class Begins:  7:55am

Dismissal:  2:24pm

Tuesday Dismissal:  1:24pm

Main Office:  7:30am-4:00pm

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent and teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of November 10th through November 14th.  Parents, teachers and students will be able to discuss grading marks for the first reporting period.  All parents must attend each child’s conference in order to monitor student academic progress.  In order to have a successful conference, the teacher and parent need to work together to share information, answer questions, and develop learning goals.  During this week, all students will be on a minimum day schedule. They will be released at 12:24 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Teachers will send home individual appointment dates and times for parents to attend the conference.  Please do not miss your appointment.

Visitors from China

Parents greet them in the Parent Center

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Inner City Arts

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Field Trips for Students

Our students continue to connect thier learning to the various field trips such as the Getty Museum, Long Beach Aquarium and Huntington Library.