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Welcome Back to School!  

    It’s a brand new school year! 

    We are pleased to welcome our students, parents,

    and teachers back to school for the 2017-2018 academic year.                                                                                                                                                                 

Mrs. Carrandi, Principal

Mrs. Carrandi

Principal's Corner

09/01/2017 Principal's Monthly Message

Dear Parents / Guardians,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as your new principal. I look forward to working with this wonderful school community. My goal is to work collaboratively with all of our school’s stakeholders, to continue the work of providing the best learning environment for your child.

Our vision is to help your child grow academically in an environment that fosters critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and a rigorous instructional program that will help your child be college and career ready.

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in our Eastside community. Because of my own personal story, I know that we can make a powerful difference for our children. I want every child that attends Rowan to believe in his /her ability. That is our job, to help our students learn to overcome their challenges.

I thank you for your support. I look forward to our partnership to make our school a safe, caring, and nurturing environment that will help all our students thrive! “Rowan Bulldogs are Safe, Respectful, Responsible and come to school ready to Learn”


Mrs. Carrandi, Principal

(Visit Mrs. Carrandi's web page  for more news, updates, and information by clicking on her name)

School Info


600 S. Rowan Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90023

323-261-7191 Phone

323-261-0610 Fax

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Class Begins:7:55am

Dismissal: 2:23pm

Tuesday Dismissal:1:23pm

Breakfast in the Classroom: 7:55am - 8:15

Main Office:7:30am - 4:30pm

Teacher's Hours:7:40am - 2:3 pm

Monthly Events

Today: 9/24/17

Great Things Are Happening at Rowan Elementary!



Active Schools, a national movement dedicated to ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the norm in K-12 schools, honored Rowan Avenue School with the 2017 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award for its outstanding efforts in creating an active school environment. The Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award is the nation’s top physical education and physical activity distinction for K-12 schools and celebrates a school’s commitment to providing students with at least 60 minutes a day of before, during and after school physical activity. Only 452 schools across the country achieved this prestigious honor in 2017. 


We are proud that Rowan has been recognized for its outstanding efforts around getting students and staff moving. Powered by a national collaborative of leading health, education and private sector organizations, Active Schools equips schools with the resources, programs, professional development and grants to increase physical education and physical activity opportunities for students, and to cultivate an active school environment.


Why are Active Schools so important? Because Active Kids Do Better. Regular physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy and strong, but it can also lead to: higher test scores; improved attendance; increased focus; better behavior in class; enhanced leadership skills; and a lifetime of healthy habits.


Rowan Ave is leading the way in this generation-changing movement that is transforming our nation’s schools into active and healthy hubs.” To earn a Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award, a school must have met significant benchmarks in five areas: physical education; physical activity before and after school; physical activity during school; staff involvement; and family and community engagement.


Find out more about Let’s Move! Active Schools at www.letsmoveschools.org      

International Day - a day for acceptance and recognition of cultural diversity! 5/2017

JPL NGSS Professional Development k-5

Rowan Avenue  provides ongoing programs for educators to enhance teaching and learning and support the advancement of STEM

education goals.



SBAC Practice and Training Tests!

The Spring 2017 Testing Window for SBAC Summative Assessments

is April 28 – May 31

SBAC Practice & Training Tests
Practice your online test taking skills by taking the SBAC Practice and Training Tests!

Click here to return to the SBAC Information Page

Watch the Student Interface Training video HERE

Click HERE to visit the Practice and Training Test portal.

Click HERE to access the Practice and Training Resources. You'll find:

  • Practice Test Answer Keys
  • Classroom Activities for the Practice Performance Tasks
  • Scoring Guides
  • Rubrics



Career Day at Rowan Avenue!

Rowan Avenue Elementary had Career Day on Thursday, April 6th. Many parents and people from the community volunteered their morning to share their careers with Rowan students. Kindergarten through Second grade had the opportunity to meet with a Los Angeles Police Officer on bike, a Los Angeles Unified School Police and his police car, Fire Fighters and their truck, and a Cal Trans Operator on their truck.

Grade Three through Fifth had the opportunity to meet with a Security Officer, an Artist, a Radiologist, a Martial Arts Instructor, a Medical Assistance, a L.A.P.D Officer, a Director from L.A.U.S.D, an Engineer, an International Specialist, a Realtor, a Librarian, an Information Technologist, an Assistant Principal, and a Nutritionist.

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about different types of careers.  East Los Angeles citizens will certainly have some fine future leaders.

Please visit the School Events for more information and pictures.

Congratulations 2015 - 2016 Rowan Avenue Students!

2015-2016 3rd Grade

You've run the course and passed the exams!
The California Department of Education released the second year results of standardized tests in math and English language arts/literacy on August 24, 2016. The tests are based on the Common Core State Standards.

Parents can find the 2016 scores at EdSource and the California Department of Education websites.

September is a Great Month!

National Hispanic Heritage Month

9/12 -  Chocolate Milkshake Day

9/16 - Mexican Independence Day

9/17 - Inventors' Day

9/21 - International Peace Day

9/22 - Native American Day

9/22 - Autumn Equinox (N. Hemisphere)

Chinese Teachers and Students Visit Rowan

Sister School From China

Chinese teachers and students visited Rowan Avenue during the week of 8/21/17 as part of a US-China school partnership. One of the most consistently achieved reason for establishing a US-China school partnership is to develop intercultural awareness in the students involved.

During their visit, students had the opportunity to learn and utilize Chinese language and culture skills in an immersive and engaging environment.This is a great opportunity for students to develop awareness and appreciation of each others cultures and people beyond the boundaries of their community and language. It also allows teachers to develop professional knowledge about China's people, geography, art, and history, to integrate into their own curriculum.


The Music Center presents, Storytelling: "We Tell Stories"

About the performance:

“Cuentos de la Familia” is a program of Latino folk tales that is performed bilingually (in English and Spanish). Hispanic heritage and a love of the language are shown in this fast paced show. A standard performance is comprised of three stories chosen from the following: “Juan Bobo” is a foolish, but very courteous young man, who is sent on an errand by his mother. “El Anciano” is a wise village elder who advises townspeople and settles their disputes; “The Invisible Hunters” is a Miskito Indian tale from Nicaragua about the effects of greed; and “Macario” is the tale of a poor, but unselfish man, who is about to have his greatest wish come true. “The Man Who Understood the Language of Animals” is about trust and love between man and animals and man and wife; “The Day it Snowed Tortillas” shows how a married couple’s strengths and weaknesses can complement each other. Three actors use the company's signature trunk filled with props and costumes to bring the folktales to life.


A Fair of the Arts

Students from Rowan Avenue  will be performing on April 29th @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at Anton Elementary:

Rowan Bulldogs Drill Team, Rowan's Hip Hoppin' Bulldogs, and fourth grade students acting (Ms. Valido, Ms. Muñoz, Ms. Navarette, & Ms. Fehoko). There will other performance from Anton Elementary and the Music Center.


JPL's Professional Development in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)