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Our School

Rowan Avenue Elementary School welcomes all families and students to our learning community. The staff at Rowan Elementary is dedicated to providing a quality education for every child in our school. We believe that all students can achieve success through a supportive, nurturing and rigorous academic curriculum. We are extremely dedicated to the success of all students and are excited about our continued partnership between our staff and our families.

School Wide Positive Behavioral Support & Intervention

As part of our School-wide Safe School Plan, we teach our students the importance of being safe, respectful & responsible.

As Superintendent Michelle King stated recently, our schools are a safe and nurturing place where all students will be protected from any kind of intolerance. Now, more than ever, we will continue to teach our students the importance of respecting and appreciating the diverse cultures that enrich our society.

Contact Gabriela Alvarado  Gabriela Alvarado Staff
Contact Adela Banuelos  Adela Banuelos Teacher
Contact Delia Banuelos  Delia Banuelos Teacher
Contact Liliana Cabrales  Liliana Cabrales Teacher
Contact Delia Caperon  Delia Caperon Teacher
Contact Guadalupe Carrandi  Guadalupe Carrandi Principal
Contact Marcela Carrillo  Marcela Carrillo Teacher
Contact Maria Carrillo  Maria Carrillo Teacher
Contact Perla Cazares  Perla Cazares (323) 261-7191 ex: 110 School Administrative Assistant
Contact Jose Damian  Jose Damian Staff
Contact Carmen Doria  Carmen Doria (323) 261-7191 Teacher
Contact Annette Fehoko  Annette Fehoko Teacher
Contact Joanne Fernandez  Joanne Fernandez Teacher
Contact Marisela Flores  Marisela Flores Staff
Contact Elizabeth Gutierrez  Elizabeth Gutierrez Teacher
Contact kathy Ham  kathy Ham Teacher
Contact Julie Hernandez  Julie Hernandez Staff
Contact Maria Elena Hernandez  Maria Elena Hernandez Staff
Contact Lisa Huerta  Lisa Huerta Teacher
Contact Magda Hueyopa  Magda Hueyopa Teacher
Contact David Lopez  David Lopez Teacher
Contact Hilda Lopez  Hilda Lopez Staff
Contact Claudia Martinez  Claudia Martinez Teacher
Contact Gloria Masferrer  Gloria Masferrer Teacher
Contact Suzanne Mesa  Suzanne Mesa Teacher
Contact Aurora Mireles  Aurora Mireles Teacher
Contact Maria Montiel  Maria Montiel Teacher
Contact Olga Munoz  Olga Munoz Teacher
Contact Maria Navarrete  Maria Navarrete Teacher
Contact Edward Nieves  Edward Nieves Teacher
Contact Linda Ortiz-Pedroza  Linda Ortiz-Pedroza Staff
Contact Adelaida Padilla  Adelaida Padilla Teacher
Contact Eric Panajotovic  Eric Panajotovic Teacher
Contact Edith Pena  Edith Pena Teacher
Contact Belen Perez  Belen Perez Staff
Contact Yamilleth Perez-Galindo  Yamilleth Perez-Galindo Teacher
Contact James Perreault  James Perreault Assistant Principal
Contact Roxana Quinto  Roxana Quinto Teacher
Contact Patricia Reynolds  Patricia Reynolds Teacher
Contact Stephen Rittenhouse  Stephen Rittenhouse Teacher
Contact Maria Rivas  Maria Rivas Staff
Contact Rosio Rodriguez  Rosio Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Jose Romero  Jose Romero Teacher
Contact Sandra Romero  Sandra Romero Teacher
Contact Jose Ruiz  Jose Ruiz Teacher
Contact Sophia Ruvalcaba  Sophia Ruvalcaba Teacher
Contact Maida Salido  Maida Salido Teacher
Contact Martha Shorter  Martha Shorter Teacher
Contact Bertha Soto  Bertha Soto Assistant Principal
Contact Eloisa Tolentino  Eloisa Tolentino Teacher
Contact Margarita Torres  Margarita Torres Staff
Contact Maria Torres  Maria Torres Teacher
Contact Martha Valdez  Martha Valdez Teacher
Contact Elena Valido  Elena Valido Teacher
Contact Hilda Villasenor  Hilda Villasenor Teacher
Contact Michael Woodruff  Michael Woodruff Teacher