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Fifth Grade

Writing Skills in Fifth Grade

In order to build writing skills, your 5th grader:

  • Writes opinion pieces, including:
  1. An introduction and conclusion
  2. A logical and clear structure
  3. Reasons, proofs and ideas that support the author’s opinion.
  • Writes informational pieces, which:
  1. Explain a topic using specific details such as definitions, quotations and facts
  2. Include an introduction and conclusion.
  • Writes narrative pieces, which:
  1. Introduce and describe an event in a logically ordered way
  2. Use details such as dialogue, thoughts and emotions
  3. Include a conclusion.
  • Plans, revises, and edits his writing.
  • Thinks about the best way to approach her writing and tries different ways to do so. For example, writes in a different tense, or from a different perspective, such as 1st or 3rd person.
  • Uses technology (under adult guidance) to publish writing, research, and communicate with others.
  • Types at least two pages of text in one sitting.
  • Uses multiple sources to write and create a research project.
  • Takes notes on information and cites the sources used.
  • Writes over a range of times including long (over weeks) and short (one sitting or a couple of days) periods of time.
We are all proud of you!