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PreK and Kindergarten

Ready for ETK/K & Kindergarten?

                                          Etk and TK

Our ETK and TK programs are based on The California Kindergarten Common Core State Standards, with focused instruction in literacy and numeracy. Since TK or ETK children are not yet of Kinder age, the rate of learning is paced more slowly than that in Kinder. We emphasize supporting "readiness" rather than results. 

Our program involves whole group interaction and activities, small group instruction, and independent, hands-on learning. We provide tools for healthy social engagement and self-regulation. Art, creativity, movement and song are tied into our curriculum to keep children engaged, focused and enthusiastic. TK and ETK students enjoy lunch and recess with their peers and participate in all Kinder activities such as music, art, and motor skills development throughout the year.


What skills do kindergarten teachers expect their new students to have?


Strong Fine-Motor Skills: Your child's hands must be strong enough to master coloring, cutting, pasting, and holding a pencil — fine-motor tasks that kids use every day in kindergarten.


The Ability to Play Well With Others: Your child will need your assistance refining essential social skills such as sharing, compromising, turn-taking, and problem-solving.


The Desire to Be Independent: Encouraging self-help skills is an important step to preparing your child for kindergarten. 


The Ability to Listen: Students must be able to concentrate on what the teacher is saying, listen carefully for directions, and tune in to the sounds in letters and words.