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Primary Promise Intervention

Learning to read is not a ‘natural’ process.

Most children must be taught to read through a structured and protracted process in which they are made aware of the sounds and the symbols that represent them, and then learn to apply these skills automatically and attend to meaning. (Moats, 2000, p. vii)

Beginning 2020, Primary Promise Intervention / Prevention Support Coordinator will work directly with students and teachers at Rowan Avenue School, primarily at the K-2 level, to build the capacity of others in the areas of early literacy and academic language.

The Primary Promise Intervention / Prevention Support Coordinator will support the implementation of a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) that includes direct instruction and intervention, model lessons, and engaging professional development on the implementation of effective literacy strategies and Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions in the classroom.

Rowan Avenue is Implementing Primary Intervention Approaches to Assist Students With Specific Learning Disabilities, Including Dyslexia

Instruction and Intervention includes programs, practices, and materials with documented efficacy, which are drawn from evidence-based findings, and align with goals and standards. 

Tier II (Intervention) Instruction

Instruction within Tier II intervention is systematic and delivered in small groups to students who need additional support with reading.

  • Tier II (Intervention) instruction occurs in small groups (3-5 students), for at least 30 minutes, 5 days per week in addition to Tier I (Core) instruction.
  • Tier II intervention is evidence-based (explicit and systematic on up to 3 foundational skills using a standardized program or practice with fidelity).
  • Multiple types of assessment data are used to determine the focus of Tier II (Intervention) instruction.