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Announcements From Our Community Representative

Ensuring that schools are sanctuaries for teaching and learning—and free of crime and violence—is a priority for Rowan’s principal, Ms. Carrandi. Here are a few tips for students and parents:

                                  SAFETY TIPS FOR STUDENTS

  • Safety in numbers—if possible, walk in a group; not alone.
  • If approached/followed, run to a business or house and call 9-1-1.
  • Do not be tricked by someone trying to get you to go with them or go in their car. They might call you over to ask for directions or other questions like, “Did you see a little brown dog with a red collar running loose?” Or, they may say, “Your mother/father is in trouble, come with me!”
  • It is important to not approach a car. If you lean in to a car window, you may easily be pulled inside. Stay away at all times.
  • Walk home on roadways where there are people around, instead of cutting through parks and fields that are more isolated.

                                   SAFETY TIPS FOR PARENTS

  • It is important to teach your children the importance of learning and practicing good safety habits.
  • Be sure your children know their full name, as well as yours, their phone number, and address. Depending upon their ages, they should also know your cell phone and work numbers.
  • Teach your children how to use the phone, including how to call the police.
  • Select a few neighbors who can provide a safe place in the event your children feel threatened.
  • Make sure your kids practice the buddy system.
  • Tell your children to never get in any car with a stranger.
  • If your children will be out at night, have them wear/use reflective stickers.


  • Avoid responding to messages that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Tell a trusted adult who can file a complaint if you run into something that is not appropriate.
  • Do not give out personal information such as your name, your or your family’s address, phone number, work address, school name.
  • Remember, anything you post on a social network is no longer private. Online photos can be copied and altered.
  • Set your profile to private.
  • People online may not be who they seem.

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible: Working together to create a positive learning environment for all students!

Motivating Student Uniforms at Rowan Avenue School


School Safety Zone

Providing your child with a safe environment is one of the top priorities of the LAUSD. This is one of the reasons we have a closed school campus during school hours.

It is important for every child to have a current emergency card filled out thoroughly and accurately with the office. Only people identified on the emergency cards will be permitted to pick up students in case of an emergency. Please be aware that anyone checking out students from the school, will be required to present a valid ID.

Celebrations in the Classrooms