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Academic Achievement Awards

A.C.E. Awards

Every semester, teachers will award an Achievement, Citizenship, and Effort award to student's who demonstrate excellent academic roles:

A= Achievement...the amount of academic content a student learns in a determined amount of time.

C= Citizenship...the manner in which student's use their words and actions to show they are good citizens.

E= Effort...the hard work and time student's put forth to achieve excellence.

Student success comes from giving children the tools to be confident learners and surrounding them with a community committed to helping them learn and succeed. We want our elementary school students to head into middle school curious and skilled at thinking, and able to see the world from different perspectives.

         A.C.E. Awards

March Winners:


Jenika Maciel, Iago Mandujano, Alexa Rodriguez

Miguel Perla, Alec Ornelas, Miah Villanueva

Evelyn Herrera, Joseph Coyoy, Jaden Lopez

Abraham Nolasco Jr.

First Grade

Amber Marquez, Diego Pablo, Johan Sanchez

E Maria Serrano, Celine Sigala Sanchez, Pablo Huerta

2nd Grade

Paulina Jacobo, Rene Garcia, Juan Sanchez

Samira Velez, Michelle Mendez, Damian Cervantes

3rd Grade

Diana Palacios, Angel Morales, Michael Rojas

Laurence Enriquez, Aubrey Rios

4th Grade

Crystal Estrada, Nathan Alvarez, Celeste Enriquez

Kevin Tinoco, Jennifer Juarez, Isaac Reyes

Selene Castro

5th Grade

Joeselin Lopez, Marely Herrera, Ricardo Antonio

Hannael Diaz, Samantha Martinez

Diana Herrera, Brian Rios