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School Wide Events

Girls trophy celebration
First Place Military Drill goes to...Rowan Avenue Elementary School Drill Team!

Fourth Grade Performance of "The Road to Golden State"

College Awareness Month!

October is Emergency Preparedness Month!

     Your child's safety is our number ONE priority! Therefore, Rowan Ave. will participate in a District-wide emergency practice called the "Great CA Shake-out. This drill will take place on Thursday, October 19th at 8:30 a.m. Our students and staff will put into practice emergency preparedness for a simulated 7.5 earthquake. The Safe School Committee members, led by our Assistant Principal, Ms. Soto, have been working hard to prepare our school for this drill. Students will be asked to drop, cover, and hold, until the simulated earthquake stops. Students will then convene in their emergency line-up area. 

     Part of the plan includes checking our emergency supplies, and conducting a safety inspection of the school's facilities.

Emergency drills help students and staff prepare for a real emergency.

     We encourage everyone to take some time to talk to their family about your own emergency plans. Communication with your family is important to staying safe! 

Remember, the American Red Cross is an excellent resource:


Hispanic Heritage Month

The Music Center Presents, Books Come Alive!
Two Tales are Retold Using Drama

Rowan Earth Day

Math/Science Family Night

     In an effort to provide parents with additional support at home, Rowan Staff decided to host a Math/Science Family Night for all of the students and families at Rowan Avenue Elementary School. This event took place on Tuesday, January 31st, from 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. with well over 700 parents in attendance.

     The purpose of this event was to provide each attending family an opportunity to explore the wonders of Math or Science with their children, and enjoy an exciting evening of hands-on learning activities and games.

     Every teacher participated in this event, setting up a grade-level Math/Science project in his/her classroom. We called our evening Math/Science Family Night for a reason: we wanted the emphasis to be on families exploring and investigating together in fun ways.

Farmer in the Classroom