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  Maria Salazar English Language Arts Intervention Coach-Upper Grades
  Vanessa Vazquez Teacher

Literacy/Language Arts Support

The Language Arts–reading literature and informational texts, writing, speaking, listening and language–are a major part of students’ elementary school program. The goal of Rowan’s Language Arts program is to adhere to the California's Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and To motivate, challenge, and empower students to become enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators.

What parents can do to support reading:

1. Keep reading aloud to your child (even if he can read alone) books that are longer and more difficult than he can read independently. Children still learn vocabulary and information about the world when books are read aloud—and it’s a bonding experience.

2. If your child seems “turned off” to reading, seek out reading materials that are tuned into his interests. Don’t forget books on tape and reading aloud are other ways to increase vocabulary and language skills.

3. Have your child prepare simple meals and dishes from recipes. This promotes reading skills and gives practice with measuring.

4. Help your child set a time and place for doing homework. A homework first, play later policy is a good way to ensure that learning is important.

5. Discuss bits and pieces of books that you read with your child. Find out about what she is reading by asking nonthreatening questions like, “What’s happening in your book now?” or “What are the characters like in the book you are reading?”