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Student Council

Rowan Students are Responsible

A Responsible Rowan Student...

  • Comes to school ready to learn!
  • Attends school every day and on time!
  • Completes all the classroom and homework on time!
  • Is an active learner, always participates in school!
  • Makes good decisions!
  • Helps others when needed!
  • Takes care of school property!

Rowan Avenue Elementary Student Council

The Rowan Avenue Elementary Student Council represents the voice of our students. They help in organizing community service projects, arrange school-wide special activities, help improve school issues, and providing input on school decisions.


Our Rowan Student Council Officers learn to take a leadership role, develop goals for the year, and plan school-wide activities for the year.




Each third through fifth grade classroom elects two students to serve on the council. The officers will be working together with classroom representatives to learn leadership and decision-making skills and the importance of effective communication. 

  • Class President - Supervises student body activities and runs  council meetings.
  • Class Vice-President - Assists the class president and fills in when the president is unavailable.
  • Class Secretary - Keeps accurate records of meetings and student body activity schedules.
  • Class Treasurer - Keeps track of student body funds.
  • Grade-Level Representatives - Assist in making decisions and keeping their classmates informed.Student Council

May 12, 2017


 1.We need student volunteers to help keep our school clean. Anyone that can help, please see Leah to sign up for a cleaning assignment.


2. ABC Bullying Program is in effect. If someone is bullying you, please report it! Go to the office and fill out the ABC form as soon as possible.


3. Students are raising money to purchase special vests for student council members to wear and be easily identified.